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Great Lake of Pelister

Great Lake of Pelister

Coordinates: 40.967959, 21.204424

Great Lake of Pelister is a postglacial lake located at an altitude of 2,218 metres. The lake is located at the mouth of the Ezerska River, and the left tributary of the Sapuncica River. With a maximum depth of 14.5 m, it is the deepest mountain lake in Macedonia.

During the First World War, the Front Line crossed the Pelister National Park. Today a large number of relics of World War I events are visible. Following the Great Lake road, we can see trenches of the belligerent armies. The lake is accessible by vehicle and from here we can see Lake Prespa and the villages of Brajchino and Ljubojno, the town of Bitola and the Crveni Steni - the site of the fierce battles of the Macedonian Front.

A mountain house is located near the Great Lake of Pelister. It is open during weekends in summer.

Mountain house - Great Lake

Contact : Petar Nolev
+389 75 458 782

1  How to get to the Great Lake of Pelister

1.1 By an off-road vehicle

From the city of Bitola the journey takes about three and a half hours. From downtown Bitola to the Great Lake, there are 32 km. The first 14 kilometres are paved, from the road to the Pelister Information Centre, and the rest of the 18 kilometres is a dirt road accessible only by off-road vehicle. The route is suitable for cyclists and mountaineers. The "Lovechka" mountain house is situated at an altitude of 2,150 metres and 23 kilometres from the city. This house is the perfect place to rest.

Contact : +389 78 232 132

On the way to the mountain house, there are several viewpoints of the Pelagonia and Prespa region as well as the eastern front line.

The road is accessible only during the summer months, from June to September/October, and only by all-terrain vehicle.
During the winter months, and for skiers, "Free Ride" excursions are organized. For those who do not own an off-road vehicle, it is possible to rent one.

Companies and associations that organise the transport of tourists  :

Tourism agency Turist Bitola (www.turist.com.mk)
Off Road Macedonia (www.off-road.mk)
Hera Tours Bitola (www.heratours.mk)
Info Bitola (www. Bitola. info)
Mountain Solution Bitola (www.mount.mk)
Pelister’s guides (www.pelister-guides.com)

1. 2. Mounting path to the Great Lake of Pelister

1.2.1 Mounting path to the Great Lake of Pelister – option 1

Nizo Pole – Debel Rid – Grand Lac (2 218 m altitude)
Length of the trail : 6 km
Duration : 8 – hours
Starting point : Nizo Pole village (1 000 m altitude)
Highest peak : Great Lake (2 218 m altitude)

1.2.2 - Mounting path to the Great Lake of Pelister – option 2

●        Hotel Molika – Caparska Preseka – Small Lake – Great Lake « Montain house »
●        Length of the trail : 16 km
●        Duration : 8 – hours
●        Altitude point : 1420м - 1590м - 2000м - 2180м - 2220м
●        Molika Hotel 1 420 m altitude ; Caparska Preseka 1 590 m altitude ; Small Lake 2 150 m altitude.
●        Great Lake 2 218 m altitude.
●        Recommended for professional climbers.

1.3. Bicycles trails

Cyclists may use the road for the vehicles described in point 1.

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Since its independence in 1991, the name of the country as inscribed in the Macedonian Constitution is "Republic of Macedonia". Nevertheless, and for the purposes of recognition by international organisations and their Member States, the country has agreed to use the designation "former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia". It is under this name that the French Republic has recognised this State. On this website, for convenience of language, "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" is referred to as the "Republic of Macedonia" or "Macedonia". This does not represent the position of France or Normandy.

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